Permits and stuff

On November the first the option to apply for a permit became available. On the dot at 6:30pm (1:30pm pacific time) the service was live and instantly (so was my impression) bent to it’s knee. The 13 minutes weren’t even sufficient to click through the few pages of the application. Okay to be fair, an hour after being returned to the start page several times the service ran very smooth.

And after this hour (nearly) every starting point of April was booked 😀

Well… but I got one of those. Pretty excited about that! Now I can start searching for a flight and everything.

For the big four items, I will probably be looking at some exped products. I

used the two person tent orion extrem II last year in norway. And even if it was to big for one person it was just great.

So for the PCT I am considering a one person option.

For the air mattress it probably will be a light weight one for cold temperatures, so I can us it in the snow as well.

They also offer a pretty light Backpack in comparison to my pack I carried in Norway. Over one kilo lighter.

And because every guide says the sleeping bag should withstand temperatures below -5°C they also have a solution for this. We’ll see.

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